TakeTime app brings meditation to smartphone


Meditation app set to take users to tranquil state of mind…

Bringing ancient wisdom into the digital age, new meditation app, TakeTime, allows users to meditate on the go. With a library of seven meditation themes focusing on different aspects of mental health, the app allows users to reboot their minds, at work, at home or out and about.

Stress has seemingly become an inseparable part of modern life, claimed maker of the app, Trisendi. According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, stress is the second most common work-related health problem in Europe. Long office hours, massive work load, high expectations as well as balancing career with family life can be quite demanding. However, taking a little time to relax and recharge can be a rewarding investment in mental well-being.

Meditation is an ancient practice known to give inner peace and improve mental health. Recently, a team of Harvard researchers and doctors proved how meditation rebuilds the brain’s gray matter. The study, led by study senior author Sara Lazar of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Programme and a Harvard Medical School instructor in psychology, also revealed how meditation provides psychological and cognitive benefits, which persists throughout the day.

Said Kasper Nesager, co-founder and managing partner at Trisendi: “Meditation is a great way to preserve your mental health and reduce stress. However, it can also be difficult to find the time to meditate on a daily basis. And how often do we meditate at the office or on the bus? When using TakeTime, you can meditate whenever, wherever.”

TakeTime offers a modern way of meditating that requires no special skills or experience with meditation. Users simply download the app onto the device, put on a headset, and they are ready to meditate. Choose between seven different mediation themes, each serving a specific aim, such as boosting work performance, reducing stress or helping relaxation or falling asleep.

TakeTime is available on iOS.


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