Gemalto launches mobile multi-ticketing


First globally interoperable solution allowing use of an NFC smartphone to work on MIFARE

Gemalto, provider of digital security, is launching the next generation of its UpTeq Multi-Tenant NFC SIM, supporting multiple transport applications from different city networks by embedding the MIFARE4Mobile1 v2 application.

This is the first globally interoperable solution on the market allowing the use of an NFC smartphone to work on all MIFARE Classic and DESFire transport networks such as the ones in Los Angeles, Stockholm and Madrid.

Said Serge Barbe, senior VP of embedded software and card product management at Gemalto: “The launch of the new UpTeq Multi-Tenant NFC SIM brings the public transportation industry into line with other mobile contactless sectors, where the trend is firmly towards all-in-one apps that support a rich mix of services. Commuters can use the same phone to pay for the tube in Copenhagen in the morning, the tram in Amsterdam in the afternoon and the bus in Madrid for the weekend, all without looking for kiosks or doing long queues. It brings a great travel experience for users.”

The solution meets the latest industry standards for mobile ticketing and opens up global roaming for commuters, opening the door to swift and secure contactless access to public transport across different cities or countries. It is compatible with existing infrastructures and makes the need to carry several tickets or travel cards become a thing of the past, said Gemalto.

Simultaneously, transportation providers can enjoy efficient deployment of enhanced digital ticketing services and savings on operation costs via a fully standardised mobile solution.

In addition, transport mobile applications already offering features such as loyalty programmes and travel information can now benefit from ticketing service securely stored in the secure element.


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