Onebip launches mobile browser purchasing


New Onebip Mobile Browser payment solution delivers optimised payment for quick and easy purchases of mobile content and services

 Onebip, the mobile payment business division of global mobile commerce company, Neomobile, has launched Onebip Mobile Browser, its new mobile browser-based purchasing solution, across more than 70 countries worldwide.  Now, brands, mobile companies and digital and online merchants – including games publishers, app developers, social networks and dating sites – will be able to use the Onebip Mobile Browser payment solution to deliver simpler and quicker payments with just a few clicks.

Consumers in over 70 countries can use the Onebip Mobile Browser solution to quickly and easily make secure purchases of digital content and services, such as music and video downloads, virtual currency, media subscriptions and games, all via the browser on their mobile device. Any purchases are charged directly to their mobile phone bill, meaning that even consumers without a credit card can use their phones to browse and purchase. Onebip Mobile Browser is smart enough to detect if a customer is using an iPad over an iPhone, and also whether they are accessing the website or application via a Wi-Fi or a 3G cellular connection. Onebip then automatically optimises the payment flow for the purchase depending on all these factors, streamlining the experience and increasing the chances that the transaction will be successfully converted. Onebip Mobile Browser is also flexible enough to adapt to an individual operator's secure billing policies and requirements. The Onebip Mobile Browser payment solution is designed to enable simple, straightforward and intuitive mobile purchasing for consumers. It supports all leading smartphone platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and RIM, as well as web-connected feature phones and other legacy devices. Online merchants and content providers can integrate Onebip Mobile Browser into any kind of website, content, application or service that is accessible via a mobile browser, including web apps built using HTML5.  'With Onebip Mobile Browser, we have opened up mobile commerce to millions of consumers that until now have been the losers in the incredible rise of mobile content and services. Plus, digital merchants, developers, and online service providers of all sizes have gained a powerful tool to help them monetise their content and services on any mobile device,' said Massimiliano Silenzi, mobile payments executive director at Onebip. 'Whether they are ordering a takeaway or buying virtual goods for their favourite social game, consumers will benefit from an intuitive, optimised user experience. And because their transactions are billed to their mobile bill, not having a credit card is no longer a barrier to using their phone to buy and download anything they want.'


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