PapayaMobile’s AppFlood celebrates first birthday


Commission-free cross promotion platform grows to 46 million monthly active users

PapayaMobile, a mobile distribution and monetisation company, is celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of its AppFlood platform by announcing that the commission-free cross promotion network for buying, selling and exchanging mobile app traffic has seen a surge of developers joining the network, doubling since April this year.  The AppFlood network has attracted more than 4,500 Android developers to date, accumulating 147 million users, a 267% increase up from 40 million in January 2013.

AppFlood reached 46 million monthly active users (MAUs) in June of this year, delivering 1.3 billion impressions. This growth has been driven entirely on Android and is expected to accelerate with the recent introduction of iOS compatibility. 'We're positively overwhelmed with the growth we've seen in the platform's first year, which we believe can be attributed to our understanding of developers' needs,' said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile. 'As developers ourselves, we get that developers want more transparency and control over their app marketing efforts; they don't want yet more middlemen getting in the way and taking all the profits. AppFlood's transparency and flexibility has resonated with the Android developers that have joined in the first year, and we anticipate that momentum will continue to accelerate our growth through 2013 with the introduction of iOS compatibility.' In addition to iOS, PapayaMobile recently rolled out a number of new features in AppFlood, designed to increase the transparency and functionality of the platform.

These features include an Open Direct Deal Network, which combines the visibility of one-to-one deals with the range and reach of an ad network; Multi-Dimensional Analytics that better identify potential opportunities to boost ad revenue and ROI; and Ad Network Mediation, which enables app performance comparisons across AppFlood's partner networks from a single SDK and dashboard. Partner networks include Appia, Cyberagent, Unicume, Clickky, Altrooz and Motive Interactive. 'The mobile ad network space as a whole is seeing a lot of growth, as illustrated by recent newsworthy acquisitions,' continued Shen. 'The continued adoption of Android, and Apple's impressive Q2 results, fuelled largely by the iPhone, indicate that mobile is showing no signs of slowing down. We strive to find new ways to best serve the developer community to better take advantage of that opportunity. Since many of our developers create apps across both Android and iOS, AppFlood's support of both platforms means far greater reach, far better monetization and more efficient user acquisition.'  The updated AppFlood with iOS compatibility is available now to all new and existing AppFlood customers. There is also an updated SDK available to developers and publishers to unlock this new functionality within their apps.


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