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Masternaut introduces digital tachograph to smartphones and tablets

Masternaut, a pan-European provider of telematics solutions, is now offering its customers a tachograph mobile app, an extension of its TACHOfresh web application.

The app makes TACHOfresh tachograph data (a tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that records speed, distance and driver activity,) available for mobile devices, providing fleet managers with a tool to access vehicle and driver information via smartphone or tablet.

For all vehicles that are equipped with Masternaut's TACHOfresh live or remote functionality, the data generated by the digital tachograph is transmitted to the central web portal. The TACHOfresh mobile app will also make this data available on smartphones and tablets.

Fleet managers can access details on the whereabouts and behaviour of their drivers at any time and from any given place. Insights include daily and overall mileage, rest duration and vehicle idling, in addition to the exact, real time location of each vehicle within the fleet.

Martin Hiscox, chairman and CEO of Masternaut, commented: 'With the TACHOfresh mobile app, we're responding to demand from customers to provide telematics data and insights into fleet performance while they are on the move. It's all part of our commitment to continually develop the Masternaut offering, providing next generation telematics and tachograph capabilities via one unified platform.'

The TACHOfresh mobile app is now available on all Android smartphones (from 2.0), BlackBerry (from 6.0), iPhone (from 3G) and iPad.


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