Ads and app charges scare app users


People up to four times more likely to favour mobile apps collecting usage statistics

Nearly three of adults avoid mobile apps because of too many adverts, demands to pay for apps, or extra features. Altogether, 63% of adults in the UK and US are not keen on any requests for cash or extra adverts made by apps, preferring instead to provide usage stats.

This is the finding of an independent study of 600 mobile app users in the UK and US, commissioned by Tutela, a wireless analytics monetisation (WAM) firm.

Users are up to four times more likely to favour apps collecting usage statistics (45%) than apps which they have to pay to download (17%) and apps which charge for full functionality (12%).

The survey findings reveal the potential of revenue from statistics collection models with 95% of mobile app users saying they would use an app which collects anonymous usage statistics.

“Revenue growth is a huge challenge for the mobile app industry. With thousands of new apps being created every day, users are overwhelmed with choice and can avoid or quickly churn away from apps requiring payments or displaying annoying ads,” said Tom Luke, VP at Tutela.

Luke continued: “This is where the wireless analytics monetisation model can come in. Collecting signal strength statistics in the background can help mobile app publishers boost revenue without affecting user experience, while also helping to improve the world’s mobile 4G coverage.”


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