App helps refugees learn local language


Connects fluent Swedish speakers with people that need practice

A Swedish throat lozenge company named Läkerol has created an app to help refugees to the country learn the local language.

Named Let’s Talk, the app lets refugees learn Swedish with those who are fluent. It connects refugees with established Swedes who want to help out in a more concrete way, beyond liking and sharing on the internet.

The app connects fluent Swedish speakers with people that need practice. Matches are made based on interests, and once a match is made the users are able to start practicing, using instant messages, voice and video call.

Last year, Sweden welcomed more than 160,000 refugees fleeing from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, or the equivalent of 1.7% of the total population.

Läkerol wanted to show that companies can play an important role in integrating refugees. Also, anyone who downloads the app can start using it immediately, eliminating the long wait – that sometimes takes years – entailed in receiving a Swedish residency permit, which is required for eligibility for SFI, the Swedish Government’s Swedish studies programme for refugees.


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