Cellebrite announces mobile data wipe solution


Ability for operators to simultaneously wipe 40 phones at top speed

Cellebrite, provider of mobile solutions, announced a forensically thorough data wipe solution to remove personal content from mobile devices.  This solution conforms to the most commonly sought standards for data erasure, including DoD, R2, Infosec, and the guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the standard bearer for global industry.

Using the Cellebrite Secure Wipe solution, service providers are able to protect consumer privacy by quickly purging all data, making it unrecoverable, as the first step to getting a device ready to re-enter the market after repair or trade-in.

The company is delivering this capability through the scalable Cellebrite MD platform, built for the high volume repair centre operations of the after market services (AMS) industry. The platform gives AMS providers the ability to wipe up to 40 handsets at a time with no degradation in processing speed.

Other Cellebrite solutions can be activated on the platform as well, including Cellebrite Diagnostics, to triage and QA phones needing repair and refurbishment. The solution optimises performance with automated tests and configurable workflows that minimise human error and expedite processing.

“More than 15 years of leadership in the industry gives Cellebrite the insight to develop better experiences for mobile operators and retailers, their customers, and the AMS providers that play a vital role in the logistics of phone distribution and repair,” said Amir Lehr, EVP, products and business development mobile lifecycle at Cellebrite. “Powered by our deep knowledge of forensic extraction, the Cellebrite MD with Secure Wipe helps AMS providers’ busy repair centres meet ever stronger data deletion standards without increasing cost or turnaround time.”


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