5G opens doors for disruptive market leaders


Opportunity for service providers as services evolve with 5G

5G will usher in a new era with new players disrupting the current service provider landscape, according to a new report.

These new players will compete with traditional service providers to offer new ‘as a service’ business models and network slicing for dynamic on-demand, service specific network provisioning to address the needs of particular use cases and services, noted Strategy Analytics.

5G is envisioned to open up a wide range of new services, use cases and business models, both ones that have been depicted today and new ones still not imagined, commented Strategy Analytics.

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, director of wireless operator strategies and author of the report at Strategy Analytics, said: “5G not only enhances current services and enables new ones; it opens doors for new disruptive market leaders. With 5G, who offers service and how services are packaged will shift, as 5G will enable not only new services and new business models but also new types of service providers, such as digital virtual network operators (DVNOs), an evolution of the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

“DVNOs will be able to leverage ‘network slicing’ from 5G network operators’  platforms to spin up new network slices – using self-provisioning –  to offer specific services for targeted verticals and/or consumers, bundling access and performance requirements with managed services for each specific segment of users,” Welsh de Grimaldo added.

Guang Yang, senior analyst for wireless operator strategies at the research firm, explained that 5G is part of a ten year service and network evolution from 4G to 5G. “The development and deployment of 5G enables new services, new business models and new players, and will occur alongside further developments and investments in 4G, 4.5G and Wi-Fi. As 5G standards and technologies evolve, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi will continue to be the active network powerhouses well into the next decade, and both offer a rich set of enhancements that will drive service evolution alongside 5G development and that will contribute to the 5G evolution.”



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