Android users get radio aggregator app


Previously available only to iOS users, MPme's mobile app personalises global radio listening with tap of button

MPme's free mobile music app has now become available for the Android operating system. First launched for the iPad in January 2012, MPme now offers the Android faithful an intelligent aggregation of several thousand radio broadcasts worldwide presented to audiophiles based on individual style, or searchable by genre, station and artist.

While many radio apps present people with impenetrable station lists, MPme intelligently learns users' preferences by scanning music libraries and reviewing 'likes' via Facebook. That information is then used to return tailored radio recommendations fuelled by tunes playing in real time.

The app also lets users add artists, stations or tracks to a Favourites list so future recommendations are improved and one-touch access is available later. MPme connects users with radio stations professionally curated by DJs from around the globe.

In a few weeks the Android app will be updated to include a What's Hot menu key so people can quickly learn of fresh music and broadcasts. Within What's Hot, listeners will have a For You option that showcases a weekly station based on personal tastes, and a This Week tab listing the top five artists whose radio play is growing.

Christian Miccio, MPme's CEO, said his company is actively playing a role in reinvigorating radio through the use of modern technology: 'With MPme, good music magically finds you,' Miccio said. 'For several years, discovering desirable tunes has been a hit or miss, manual process. But by weaving together a person's own listening habits with real-time music from around the planet, MPme can quickly recommend tunes that someone wants to listen to at that very moment.'

Along with Android, MPme is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and supports Apple Airplay.


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