App developers solve drunken SMS danger


Solution to the embarrassment of drunken Christmas text messages created!

App developers have created an ingenious new app named DumpedCan, to save the embarrassment caused by sending drunken text messages in the holiday season.

The festive period accounts for a huge amount of risky and regrettable text messages being sent as emotions run high and the booze is freely flowing, yet Southampton based Pedwoodolo has created an app to solve this dangerous issue.

According to research and personal experience, Pedwoodolo said mobile phone users are more likely to send an emotionally charged message in December than in any other month. Mischief at the office Christmas party, feeling fed up with the boss, missing an ex and feeling left out can all prompt a misjudged text message.

Lisa Woodall, one half of the DumpedCan design team, gave her thoughts on the trend: 'It's no surprise that Christmas is the time for sending dodgy text messages. It's the holiday period at the end of each year, when people are looking to let loose and have fun. And, of course, many people are drinking more. Our research suggests that over indulging in festive fun can be a real danger. The office Christmas party can be a dangerous place to take your mobile phone. Alcohol and the ability to effortlessly send an irretrievable message whilst you're amongst colleagues, friends, foes and those you might fancy can create mayhem.'

Woodall and co-founder, Jill Pedley, came up with the DumpedCan concept on a night out with friends. The girls reminisced about some terrible text messages they had sent in the past and the consequences. The conversation sparked the idea for an iPhone app, which could solve the embarrassment of angry or drunken text messages. Pedwoodologies set out to create an app that would save overly enthusiastic texters from themselves, drawing on research and the creators' personal experiences.

'We wanted to provide an app which would take the place of a good friend; stopping you from sending a disastrous message,' says Woodall. 'With DumpedCan installed on your phone, you can send the text to the can which makes it feel like you've sent it to the person you wanted to. The message stays in DumpedCan so you can look at it later and decide if it's a good idea to send it. Or if you feel the message is urgent – the voice of reason from a sober or emotionally detached friend can help you decide whether you should send the message. If you do decide to send it, it can be copied and pasted really easily.'

The app isn't just about stopping drunk texting. It's great for stress relief too and also for preventing irreparable damage to friendships, relationships and professional relationships. If the boss is being a nightmare, the best friend is being a pain in the bum or the boyfriend has left his pants on the floor one too many times, sending a moaning text to DumpedCan can be very therapeutic and will buy time for the emotions to wear off and logic and reason to set back in.

DumpedCan is available to download via the iTunes app store now.


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