App Quality Alliance launches Testing Criteria for iOS


AQuA's Testing Criteria provides support and guidance for developers creating quality apps for the App Store

 App Quality Alliance (AQuA), the mobile industry's non-profit organisation supporting quality app development, has extended its work into the iOS environment for the first time, with the launch of its new AQuA Testing Criteria for iOS developers.

AQuA's iOS criteria was developed as a result of feedback from a survey of its base of developers which revealed that 61% of developers had experienced an app being rejected from the App Store and that 67% had found challenges in understanding App Store pre-submission testing requirements.

With the launch of the testing criteria, AQuA will also now accept iOS Apps into the Quality App Directory, an independent resource for companies seeking to buy the best quality apps and work with the best developers.

'Although our heritage is in Android and Java, many of the developers we work with also develop for iOS and were asking us to extend the support and free tools that we offer to that platform' said Martin Wrigley, executive director, AQuA. 'When we polled our developer base, the need for an AQuA iOS criteria was unanimous. While many in the industry agree that there are more quality apps in the App Store than elsewhere, developers are seeking measurable and actionable guidance to help ensure a faster and more successful iOS submission process and our testing criteria delivers that.'

AQuA's Testing Criteria for iOS Apps provide guidance and tests on a range of areas including user interface, performance, functionality, security, privacy, media, data handling and stability. AQuA provides it to developers free of charge, to support quality in the development process and to help them reduce time spent on testing. The core members of AQuA are AT&T, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oracle, Samsung and Sony Mobile.


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