Apple’s week in a nutshell


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  • Apple is rumoured to be announcing its new iPhones and iPads at an event on Wednesday 9 September. Sources familiar with Apple’s plans have told BuzzFeed News that the company intends to hold a special event the week of 7 September, and with the 9th being the date Apple plumped for last year, all bets are on. BuzzFeed article.
  • With the renminbi hitting a four-year low today, Chinese Apple shares have tumbled on renewed concerns about its China business. Traders reckon the technology giant’s struggles have just begun. With the US dollar growing stronger against the currency, Apple could face a tougher time selling its iPhone in this key market. CNBC article.
  • Ever wondered who the person behind the voice of Siri is? Three Siri’s have been tracked down and are Jon Briggs, who is also the voice of UK TV programme The Weakest Link; Briggs was the first British male voice for Siri. Susan Bennett, the US female Siri, is also the voice of Delta Airlines. And Karen Jacobsen is famous in Australia as the “GPS girl”. The Guardian article.
  • Is Apple building an electric car that could rival Tesla? Reports are suggesting that Apple is developing an electric iCar. With rumours that Apple is negotiating with BMW and poaching Samsung employees (especially battery specialists,) as well as reassigning large numbers of staff for its ‘Project Titan,’ the rumour mill may be right. MacWorld article.



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