Apple’s week in a nutshell


In the news…

  • An electric car is set to be launched by Apple in 2019. Apple’s Project Titan, responsible for the design and development of the car, is apparently on the verge of tripling its workforce to 1,800 people, following numerous car industry veterans t hat have recently joined the Titan team, including Jamie Carlson, previously a senior engineer at Tesla. Wired story.
  • Old and rare Apple kit has failed to be bought by collectors at auction. An Apple 1 motherboard, a 79 year old TV and the only surviving processor of the last supercomputer designed by Seymour Cray were auctioned at a vintage tech sale in New York, but the Apple 1 and the antique TV failed to sell. Made in 1976, there are now only around 50 Apple 1’s left in the world. BBC article.
  • China’s ‘Great Firewall’, lax security procedures of some big-name Chinese tech firms, and how Apple supports developers in China are being blamed as reasons for the recent Chinese App Store attack. Malicious programme, XcodeGhost, hit hundreds, possibly thousands, of Apple iOS apps, including products from some of China’s most successful tech companies used by hundreds of millions of people in the country. Reuters story.
  • After a schoolboy claimed his Apple Watch saved his life, CEO Tim Cook is apparently offering the kid a new iPhone and a 2016 summer internship. Paul Houle, who plays football with a school in the US, said that he checked his heartrate on the Watch after suffering chest and back pain following a practice; the Watch claimed his heartrate was 145bpm for two hours after practice, which prompted him to go the hospital. Apple Insider story.

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