AT&T and Ericsson work together for connected car


AT&T will provide wireless connectivity for Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud

Ericsson has announced an agreement with AT&T to improve connectivity for products and applications that are powered by the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud.

The agreement creates a better consumer experience and helps advance the automotive cloud ecosystem by making it easier to connect in-vehicle technology and provide a path for the next generation consumer experience.  'We created the AT&T Drive platform to bring automakers the best the industry has to offer, so we can deliver innovation, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Ericsson is an integral player in that platform of services,' said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, AT&T Mobility. 'Ericsson's vehicle cloud realises the true potential of connected vehicle products and applications.'

Connected Vehicle Cloud is based on Ericsson's Service Enablement Platform, providing drivers and passengers with access to applications directly from a screen in the car. Examples of consumer services include the ability to detect vehicle repair issues, automatically book service appointments, subscribe to in-vehicle Wi-Fi, and on-demand infotainment. The solution is enhanced by its ability to send and receive information from third party ecosystems players, such as satellite radio content providers, road authorities, and city and government sites.

Said Per Borgklint, senior vice president and head of business unit support solutions, Ericsson: 'AT&T recognises the vast potential that exists to transform digital experiences in and around the car, and has built a wireless network that can truly bring the connected vehicle ecosystem to life. As Ericsson ramps up connected efforts with AT&T, we continue to expand the value and direct consumer impact of the Connected Vehicle Cloud service offering. When selecting and consuming services, drivers will indirectly benefit from faster response times, data security and quality of service.'

Ericsson has a strong role as a system integrator and managed services provider, applying experiences from the fast-moving cellular industry on similar ICT challenges in other industries.  Part of Ericsson's Transport and Automotive offerings, Connected Vehicle Cloud targets the global automotive industry's existing and future demands for scalability, security and flexibility in the provisioning of connected car services to drivers and passengers.


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