Bedtime stories for kids go digital


Over two thirds of UK families use gadgets for bedtime stories

Stories at bedtime are experiencing a boom in popularity amongst UK families, thanks to gadgets such as tablets and iPads, according to new research.

The survey of 1,009 British parents carried out by gadgets and technology e-tailer, LaptopsDirect, found that 69% of UK families have used gadgets and technology for bedtime stories with their children.

When quizzed on which gadgets are used at bedtime, tablets and iPads were found to be the most popular devices used for story time, with as many as 77% of British parents use these for bedtime reading. This was followed by e-readers such as Kindles (63%) and smartphones (51%). According to the research, more than one in 10 (11%) of British families will snuggle up to an audio book.

As many as 43% of parents feel technology-based bedtime stories are more interactive for little ones, with 38% said they choose to use gadgets for bedtime stories because it is more convenient, while 25% said their children are more engaged and interested when using gadgets for bedtime reading.

The data also found that 22% of parents said their children request for their bedtime story to be read using a digital device.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at LaptopsDirect, said: “It’s no surprise that bedtime stories are now going digital with more and more UK families, as there are now numerous devices and apps which can be used to engage with little ones at bedtime and to help illustrate much loved bedtime stories.

“It is important to remember to limit screen time for little ones throughout the day and consider using night time functions on devices to limit the amount of blue light children are exposed to before bed. Controlled screen time spent together can be a very powerful tool for interacting with children and can aid their learning.”

Manchester was found to be home to the most tech savvy families with 78% using gadgets at bedtime, followed by Nottingham (75%) and Leeds (74%).


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