Birdstep launches EasyAnalytics and SmartANDSF


Operators able to intelligently market and monetise mobile services

Birdstep Technology, provider of smart mobile data and secure mobility services, has announced the debut of EasyAnalytics and SmartANDSF with two US mobile operators.

Birdstep's new smart mobile data solutions enable operators to analyse the customer experience down to the user end device when roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi networks allowing operators to further differentiate and monetise their mobile services.

'Despite all the excitement around Big Data there is a surprising lack of insight into the potential applications, use cases and benefits for mobile operators and their customers. Data is just the raw material and Birdstep's smart mobile data solutions introduce intelligence to the process which converts Big Data into increased customer satisfaction, improved efficiency and new revenue opportunities,'explained Lonnie Schilling, CEO of Birdstep.

'EasyAnalytics and SmartANDSF help operators intelligently and selectively balance traffic between WiFi and 3G plus 4G networks based on policy defined in the network and then the use of usage analysis to gain deep insights into how, when and why the services are being used, feeding this data back into subscriber policy. This provides unique service differentiation for the operator and an optimal user experience for the mobile customer.'

EasyAnalytics provides great flexibility in deciding how to analyse mobile usage and the applications it will serve. At the forefront is the ability to address different levels of the customer experience, ranging from the overall impact of onload and offload, right through to issues within the Wi-Fi or 4G coverage area caused by varying signal levels and network conditions.

SmartANDSF is Birdstep's enhanced version of the 3GPP ANDSF (Access Network Discovery and Selection Function) standard. Drawing on Birdstep's experience from deploying onto millions of handsets and direct customer feedback, SmartANDSF builds on 3GPP ANDSF, adding triggers on the end-device to transparently initiate the discovery and selection function followed by a completely user transparent, zero click, authentication and login process.

Birdstep also announced its first quarter results with an increase of revenues of more than 53% compared to the same period last year.


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