Cellebrite’s Mobile Lifecycle supports release of iPhone 7


Offers content transfer solutions for new handset across 75,000 retail service points globally

Developer and provider of mobile lifecycle solutions, Cellebrite, has announced that it is supporting the launch of the new iPhone 7 by offering fast, secure in-store content transfer for new owners of the industry’s latest smartphone.

Via Cellebrite’s in-store platforms, retail associates will be able to transfer a customer’s content from their old device to their new iPhone 7 handset. As part of the device lifecycle, operators and retailers will also be able to provide diagnostics for the new device.

The iPhone 7, made available in-store on 16 September, is one of some 7,000 mobile devices for which Cellebrite provides point of sale transfer solutions.

“New phone launches such as this have the potential to drive significant traffic for our customers – operators and retailers,” commented Yehuda Holtzman, CEO, Mobile Lifecycle at Cellebrite: “We are dedicated to making mobile device care easier and more efficient, including equipping sales associates with the tools they need to support new iPhone 7 owners from day one. This way, they can still deliver the same consistent service that customers expect during these peak periods.”

The new device is also supported by Cellebrite’s Hybrid Content Transfer whereby productivity essentials, such as contacts are immediately transferred at the point of sale, while the more time-intensive task of moving large volumes of multimedia data is subsequently completed via Cellebrite’s self service mobile app. This allows retail sales associates to meet each customer’s needs and effectively manage in-store traffic, especially during peak periods expected around the launch of the new iPhone 7.


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