Consilium launches enterprise BYOD product


In response to the growing consumerisation of the enterprise and in particular the trend towards Bring your own Device (BYOD), Consilium have announced the release of TotalMobile 5, the only enterprise mobility solution to support all major platforms and deliver a truly consumer grade native experience on all major platforms and devices including iOS (iPhone and iPad), BlackBerry, Android and Windows

Consilium’s chief technology officer, Gareth Tolerton, said 'Consumerisation is at the heart of TotalMobile 5. It is designed so that users enjoy using the app and require minimal training. The key to a successful enterprise mobility project is user acceptance which is why we have focused on creating a system that is as slick and intuitive to use as people have come to expect from consumer apps.'

The solution allows a vast range of remote workers such as repairs operatives and inspectors to stay connected to their back office systems. Workers can obtain their schedules, access and update case histories and fill out forms all through their choice of mobile device. This improves productivity and customer satisfaction and creates efficiency savings.

Chief executive, Colin Reid, added: 'We wanted to be able to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible. Not only is TotalMobile 5 a multi-platform application, it actually works natively on each platform and device. Solutions for different organisation and user needs can now be deployed easier and faster than ever.'

Other unique and exciting features of the TotalMobile 5 include TotalView, a social networking inspired feed of worker activity with open data capabilities. The system can include new web based back office applications to enhance the functionality of a current system. The new proprietary data synchronisation mechanism, TotalMobile Sync, provides fast seamless data sync across all supported platforms. This allows full offline working regardless of device platform, setting TotalMobile 5 apart from other systems on the market.

From this week, TotalMobile 5 is available on Apple’s App Store and Android Marketplace so users can easily download and connect to their TotalMobile installation.


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