Daqri smart glasses for AR ship to customers


Bringing professional-grade AR to scale through manufacturing and reseller partnerships

Daqri has begun shipping its Daqri Smart Glasses to customers worldwide. The professional-grade augmented reality (AR) platform is aimed at customers across manufacturing, field services, maintenance and repair, inspections, construction, and more can now deploy the Daqri AR platform in their operations.

Building on its suite of core technologies, Daqri is now bringing professional-grade AR to scale through manufacturing and reseller partnerships, making AR a viable option for businesses across the globe to improve efficiency and productivity.

“Daqri has developed a comprehensive strategy to bring professional-grade AR to scale, including hardware, software, developer-friendly tools, and a robust partner ecosystem,” said Roy Ashok, CEO of Daqri.

To enable its AR platform to deliver value for customers today, Daqri is partnering with manufacturers and distributors experienced in delivering enterprise technology at scale. DAQRI’s partnership with Flex, a solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products, will provide global reach and allow Daqri to meet the needs of each customer’s workforce.

“AR can deliver a transformative experience for both the consumer and enterprise markets,” said Mike Dennison, president, consumer technologies group at Flex. “As the market gains momentum, we’re very excited to be partnered with Daqri to help this leader in AR innovation redefine what is humanly possible.”

On the distribution side, Daqri has partnered with Dell, a technology leader invested in AR solutions that can accelerate and improve communication, collaboration, design, and then help drive product lifecycles through build, maintenance, and operations in the field. Daqri and Dell are collaborating throughout the supply chain, alongside customers and other partners, to build scalable solutions that can optimise performance and impact results.

“The work Daqri is doing to advance the tangible benefits of AR is why we chose to collaborate with them as part of the Dell VR/AR Technology Partner Programme,” said Neil Hand, vice president of product strategy and innovation at Dell. “The speed of immersive technology innovation is a central force driving business transformation and evolution; Daqri has developed one of the strongest solutions for professional use that, when paired with Dell, can supercharge business productivity.”

Daqri is partnering with other technology leaders to deliver its AR solutions, including connecting IoT workflows and displaying IoT data to workers, which is a key use case for enterprises.

“Oracle works with Daqri because it is clearly focused on developing professional-grade AR solutions,” said Bhagat Nainani, group vice president of IoT applications, Oracle. “AR adds a whole new dimension to asset management, and applied the right way, can increase real-time situational awareness and speed up response times, ultimately improving business outcomes and return on assets.”

By integrating with enterprise software offerings from Autodesk, IBM, Oracle, Siemens, Emerson and others, Daqri helps customers use existing workflows, tools, and data in AR solutions.

Customers across manufacturing, field services, maintenance and repair, inspections, construction, and more are deploying the Daqri AR platform. In the case of Siemens, training and manufacturing assembly operations were condensed into a single seamless process that resulted in major improvements in efficiency and quality.

“In one of our projects leveraging DAQRI’s professional-grade AR platform, gas burners, which typically take two hours to build and a day to train, were assembled with 100% accuracy in under an hour by complete novices,” said Frank Vossnacker, a senior R&D project leader at Siemens, who has been working with the Daqri team for two years. “It’s clear to us that integrating AR into work training, manufacturing, inspections, and maintenance results in major increases in speed, efficiency, and quality of work.”


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