Datasquasher app flattens mobile data


New app enables users to control, compress and track mobile data usage

With mobile data usage creeping ever-higher and set to rocket further up the ladder as 4G networks are launched, mobile data solutions specialist, millenoki, is launching a new iPhone app to help users control their mobile data usage.

Available now, the new datasquasher app puts the power of mobile browsing in consumers' hands, allowing them to control, compress and track their mobile data usage to save money and enhance their browsing experience.

Analyst firm, On Device Research, found that having the power to manage mobile data usage is the most important aspect of mobile web browsing for the vast majority of smartphone users. The survey found that users want control over how much data they use when browsing or downloading on their smartphones, with 68% stating that it should be up to them to determine data usage. Only 23% are happy for their network operator or content provider to have that control.

Also, consumers demand better speeds when browsing on their mobiles. Of the mobile data users questioned, 83% say mobile data should be faster than it currently is so they can watch videos and see pictures on a web page more easily.

'It's hardly surprising that consumers and corporates want both greater control over their usage and better speeds,' said Dan Field, CEO of millenoki. 'What is surprising, however, is that, until now, little has been done about it.

'Even on 3G networks, smartphone users have little idea of how and where they use their mobile data. People are running blind with their mobile data usage and the launch of 4G networks will move the mobile data goalposts yet again. Faster mobile networks will encourage users to browse more, and so it's now more crucial than ever for smartphone users to be able to track and manage their usage and save money.'

datasquasher uses secure servers to compress data. It can reduce mobile browsing usage by up to 90%, so for the half of the UK's mobile data users who are not on an unlimited data plan, many stand to make savings. Even for those on unlimited data plans, datasquasher is a useful tool as it considerably increases browsing and download speeds.

datasquasher also allows users to track their monthly data usage or interrogate usage over a specific period. Up to the minute reporting of their data allowance gives users the tools to use their data as they wish to.


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