Dragons Dream app released on iOS


Roger Dean's famous Dragons Dream artwork brought to life with iOS game

Roger Dean, the artist and designer famous for visionary album covers and evocative video game artwork, is to see his brushstrokes brought to life with a stunning new iPhone and iPad application.

Recognised for his work with Yes and Asia, Dean is also highly regarded as the man who created the iconic owl logo for game publisher, Psygnosis, and produced much of the UK video game company's groundbreaking artwork. Dean also designed the logo for classic video game title, Tetris.

The UK artist's extraordinary and visionary panoramas have captivated music and video games fans for years. Dragons Dream takes flight in the form of a game and a free flying visualizer.

Dean has worked closely with UK digital media studio, Moshen, to create two entirely new landscapes, Oceanic Arches and Forest of Mist, the reward for negotiating the dragon to end of these scenarios is an unlock of an original piece of never seen before work.

Dean said: 'My unique application will allow you to explore the worlds I created like never before and experience a different perspective to the paintings you know all too well from my previous work.

'We have taken many elements from the Dragons Dream paintings; landscapes from Arches Morning, 1st April, Birdsong, Morning Dragon, Elbow Rock and Sea of Light all come together to create two new worlds, making this application an essential element of my artwork portfolio.'

Dean's Dragons Dream will be launched on the iTunes App Store as a Universal application on Sunday 18 November.


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