Electric car charging payment goes mobile


Confusing electric car charging payment set to be made simple with new app

Electric vehicle app and community, PlugSurfing, today announced that it would unveil its new app for electric vehicle drivers with a sneak preview at Cebit 2014.

The app will allow PlugSurfing users to find and pay for charging sessions via mobile phones, bringing relief to electric vehicle drivers currently faced with the task of having to register with multiple charging point networks in order to charge at public charging stations.

PlugSurfing will be offering access to a growing number of networks, including Europe's biggest names such as RWE, at the tap of a smartphone screen. The PlugSurfing Charging Key, an RFID-enabled keyring, will also be offered for the few charging points not yet able to be remotely accessed.

Said PlugSurfing's co-founder Adam Woolway: 'We've listened to electric vehicle drivers and we're delighted to be able to remove yet another barrier to carbon-free driving and to give electric vehicles a big boost towards mass adoption in Europe. PlugSurfing is now revolutionising access to car charging by opening up networks which were previously closed and for contract holders only.'

The Cebit preview of the Berlin-based start-up's new app will coincide with a beta phase among the first-movers in Germany's electric vehicle scene, followed by a roll out across Germany and throughout Europe in the second quarter 2014 to be supported and coached by the European innovation network EIT ICT Labs.

Offering his support, Udo Bub, managing director of EIT ICT Labs Germany said: 'EIT ICT Labs supports promising start ups in ICT by providing networks, contacts and organisational encouragements. PlugSurfing is on its way to change electric mobility, and a smart example for innovation in Germany and Europe.'

It is expected that by the end of 2014 charging points in all major European countries will be accessible barrier-free through the PlugSurfing app.


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