Elliptic Labs launches touchless gestures for smartphones


Elliptic Labs announces customisable 3D touchless gesture space 180 degrees around a device

Controlling devices through touchless gestures took a big step forward with provider of ultrasonic 3D touchless gesturing for consumer devices, Elliptic Labs', recent smartphone SDK based on ultrasound.

At Mobile World Congress next week Elliptic Labs will showcase its latest SDK that enables OEMs to customise the 3D touchless gesturing space 180 degrees all around a device screen.

The SDK enables manufacturers to expand and customise the interaction zone by using any part of the sides around the screen as well as the 3D space close to and at a distance from the screen.

Manufacturers can also tailor specific gestures and assign different meanings to gestures depending on the application or the location around a device. A swipe on the left side of a device could turn up volume, whereas the same movement on the right could answer a call.

'We believe in making it easier to navigate and access information on consumer devices,' said Laila Danielsen, CEO, Elliptic Labs. 'At Elliptic Labs, we deliver this through a useful and intuitive gesture platform that enhances how users interact with devices. Powered by ultrasound, we deliver the largest interaction space all around a device at 180 degrees that OEMs can customise to their needs.'

In addition to its interaction capabilities, Elliptic Labs' ultrasonic technology excels over IR or camera-based approaches because it easily integrates into thin devices, uses little power and works in low light or in the dark. 

The Elliptic Labs ultrasonic touchless gesturing technology should appear in devices in 2014.


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