Ericsson to launch App Experience Optimisation at MWC


New service transforms how operators optimise their networks to meet the new demands created by a fast-evolving app ecosystem 


Mobile network operators are finding they need to optimise their networks in new ways to remain competitive according to Ericsson. Conventional network-related key performance indicators (KPIs) alone may no longer paint an accurate picture of the true user experience,  Ericsson claimed.

App Experience Optimisation is a new service from Ericsson that transforms how operators optimise their networks to meet the new demands created by a fast-evolving app ecosystem. The service, which will be launched at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, addresses this challenge by providing a true picture of the local app experience and correlating this with network-related KPIs, which can then be acted upon. Ericsson Network Design and Optimisation experts then optimise for app experience, drawing upon global experience, tools and methods.

Jason Marcheck, service director for service provider infrastructure at Current Analysis, added: “Ericsson has always paid attention to how user interaction with the network impacts its operators’ customers. This latest launch brings the end users’ app experience into the mix, marrying network optimisation services with insights from collaborations with over-the-top service providers. This helps networks perform better in ways that end users value most.”

In a recent¬†project, Ericsson optimized XL Axiata’s network for performance of the Facebook app, making substantial, targeted improvements to XL Axiata’s network. As a result, app experience – defined by the ability to complete transactions within a maximum time of three seconds – improved by between 20% and 70%. Time to content improved by up to 70%, while upload time improved by up to 50%. These results show that it is possible to optimise app experience using existing network resources.

Ameet Suri, partnerships manager at Facebook, said: “In addition to building apps that use less data, we need more efficient infrastructure to serve people in low bandwidth areas. Over the last year, we have worked with Ericsson and XL Axiata in Indonesia to create a methodology to analyze, monitor and improve end to end network performance for app experience. This methodology will help operators cost effectively target network improvements in the areas that affect users most, thereby delivering greater utility for the two thirds of the world not yet connected. Initially launched with XL Axiata, we are excited to expand the program to more operators who have expressed an interest.”

Following the positive results achieved, Ericsson has refined this methodology, resulting in the App Experience Optimisation service.

Staffan Pehrson, vice president of network rollout, support and optimisation at Ericsson, said: “With our more than 5,000 network design and optimisation experts and the insights we gather from countless customer projects, this new service offering will bring efficiency and competitive advantages to our customers.”


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