Euro 2012 played out on mobiles


Football fans rely on smartphones for Euro 2012 news and chat

The vast majority of football fans in the UK rely on their smartphone to keep them connected to the latest news on Euro 2012.

According to new research from O2 Media, 79% of football fans agree their mobile is their number one way in which they keep themselves up to speed on football info. A huge 91% of football fans will use their smartphone to access information about Euro 2012, and 78%, expect to use their mobile many times a day to access Euro 2012 info.

As for what those football fans will be using the devices for, 88% will be checking the latest scores and results; 79% checking the latest news and team news; 41% watching match highlights and goals; and 38% placing a cheeky bet.

A further 23% will be watching the games live from their smartphones, and male fans are more likely to be accessing footy info through their mobile in the workplace. Fans will also be using their smartphones to communicate about Euro 2012, with 73% texting friends during matches, and 59% posting Euro 2012 related comments on Facebook or Twitter. Interestingly male fans are twice as likely to call friends during the match to discuss what's happening, than female fans.

On the downside, 47% of fans have argued with their partner, friends or family about repeatedly checking the latest scores on their smartphone when forced to miss a game. O2 Media predicts this percentage will increase significantly in the coming weeks!

Claire Valoti, managing director at O2 Media, said: 'It is a commonly known fact that if you love football and you are not there, then the desire to be near a screen, be it big or small becomes a priority. Also that the majority of footie fans might, occasionally, once in a while, check in about the news, the views, the gossip and the state of the pitch.

'There is also a serious point to the work we have been doing with this segment,' continued Valoti. 'They are very engaged and very open to receiving messaging so brands that want to engage and associate themselves into this space have a very active audience.'


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