Firefox for Windows 8 readies for testing


Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta is ready to be put through its paces

Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta is ready for download and testing.

This touch-friendly, tile-based Firefox is optimised for Microsoft's Windows 8 modern user interface and designed to ensure users get the best Firefox browsing experience possible on their Windows 8 tablets, touchscreen laptops and other compatible devices.

Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta has a new tile-based Firefox start screen with one-tap access to Top Sites, Bookmarks and History. Users will still be able to access and use familiar Firefox features like the Awesome Bar.

Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta supports Touch and Swipe gestures such as 'pinch to zoom' and one-touch swipe transitions.

Other key features are: Full, Snapped and Fill views – these options let the user chose if they want to view an app full screen, or 'snapped' to a narrow region of the screen (typically to the left of the screen like a sidebar), or if the user wants an app to 'fill' the remaining screen area not already occupied by an app in 'snapped' state; Visual Navigation – the big tiles on the start screen make browsing a more visually rich experience and are easy to recognise and tap. The tile-based interface simplifies auto-complete and makes searching quick and easy; and Windows Share integration – share a web page or a piece of content from any web page to any of the user's installed social networks.


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