Flexion Wrapper aids Facebook mobile monetisation


Wrapper to enable developers to generate revenues through Facebook App Center

Flexion Mobile, provider of monetisation solutions for mobile apps, today announced that its wrapper will soon allow developers to ensure their apps are Facebook-enabled.

Despite the proliferation of apps, many mobile app developers are still struggling to generate enough revenue from either premium or ad-funded models in most app stores. Facebook's App Center presents a new distribution channel for developers where Flexion can help with enabling and monetisation.

Flexion's automated wrapping process will integrate native Android apps with Facebook and let users connect their social profiles with these apps. Developers can take advantage of several social features, without having to do any work themselves. Flexion will soon also be able to help developers take advantage of Facebook Credits for in-app payments, alongside Flexion's own operator billing coverage.

The App Center is part of Facebook's ongoing monetisation strategy and will play a critical role in helping to win back the confidence of the market. It will focus on social games and be available across all platforms, including web, mobile web and native Android and iOS. For developers it means an additional outlet for their apps and will, Facebook believes, create opportunities for more types of apps to succeed.

'This is a very exciting opportunity for mobile app developers,' commented Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion. 'The future opportunities range from simple 'like this' viral marketing to using Facebook Credits with virtual currency and targeted advertising using profiled data. Developers now have another potentially great marketing channel for their apps and need to make the most out of it. Not only do we help them integrate Facebook features in their apps but we also add vital monetisation features such as licensing, billing, virtual currency and advertising.'

With single sign-on (SSO), now available for native platforms, once a user has logged into Facebook on their device there is no need to log in again when they start a Flexion-wrapped app. Developers gain access to Facebook's Open Graph ecosystem, giving them greater visibility into their users and how their app is being used and shared.

'Flexion can help developers make the most of their apps on Facebook, and we can help Facebook with monetising its mobile users and gaining access to Flexion's growing developer community,' continued Lauritzson.


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