Flexion Wrapper monetises Windows Phone 8 apps


Wrapper enables developers to generate revenues through Windows Phone Store

Flexion Mobile, a company that provides monetisation solutions for mobile apps, has announced that its wrapper will soon be available for Windows Phone 8.

It is estimated that Microsoft's new platform will launch in November, with the first Windows Phone 8 devices expected from Nokia whose Try&Buy programme is managed by Flexion. When officially released, the Windows Phone 8 SDK will let developers build apps for the new platform, and Flexion's wrapper will be a vital tool in providing multiple monetisation methods, built-in licensing and improved content discovery for their content.

Microsoft is currently accepting requests for access to the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Developer Preview programme, allowing developers of its most-downloaded apps to start optimising them for Windows Phone 8 and testing them against the new features. Developers can apply to be accepted to the beta phase of the programme.

Windows Phone Store presents a new distribution channel for developers. Whilst Microsoft is providing a wallet solution for in-app payments and pay per download, it will also allow multiple monetisation methods and is letting developers use their own payment systems and transaction providers, so they can continue to work with their preferred partners.

In-app payments, free trials on premium games, freemium and ad-supported payments will be available to developers, all of which Flexion can integrate into an app through a fully automated process which removes the need for developers to repurpose their code for each build and monetisation model.

Most developers are struggling with fragmentation, weak monetisation, lack of discovery and poor viral distribution models, Flexion stated. The Flexion wrapper offers access to a range of dynamic features, including multiple monetisation methods, dynamic pricing, one click purchasing, app discovery and viral distribution.

'Windows Phone 8 presents a great opportunity for mobile app developers,' commented Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion. 'It provides another much needed channel through which developers will be able to market and sell their apps and it's vital that they put the right enabling and monetisation methods in place. In short, we will help app developers make the most from Windows Phone 8 by providing vital monetisation features such as licensing, billing, virtual currency and advertising.

'Our partnership with Nokia is very important to us and we want to ensure that their developers have the right tools for this new channel. With our solutions in place, the new platform will be able to offer developers better monetisation of its mobile users. In turn, it will gain access to Flexion's growing developer community, which will only serve to strengthen its Store,' continued Jens.


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