Free mobile intranet portal launched for small firms


Bitrix24 for iOS and Android enables small companies to operate like big enterprsies, from anywhere

Bitrix has announced the release of a free mobile intranet portal for small businesses, called Bitrix24. The mobile portal is free for up to 12 users and works on iOS and Android devices. Bitrix24 is a new generation of mobile intranet portal. It combines the appearance and mechanics of social networking to increase employee engagement, with traditional intranet portal features, such as searchable company employee directories, activity streams, tasks, calendars, file sharing, workgroups, instant messaging, group chat and CRM.

'A large portion of workforce is now mobile. The BYOD crowd wants full access to their company intranet and collaboration tools from their mobile devices,' said Dmitry Valyanov, president at Bitrix. 'Last year, it became clear that people wanted an app that would function as a fully functional mobile intranet portal and does not require access to PC. It took us a year and a half of continuous work and improvements, but we finally did it and we did it right.' Bitrix24 uses push notifications to alert intranet users to a new message. Tasks and calendar events can be accessed and created directly from the Bitrix24 app, while file access allows personal or shared documents to be stored on the company intranet. Importantly, in addition to being available as a cloud service, Bitrix24 mobile intranet can be hosted on a company server for added security. 'Mobile intranet is becoming increasingly important to many companies, large and small. Studies show that most mobile messages are viewed within four minutes, where as with emails it's up to 48 hours. Mobile means fast, and time is money. That's also the reason we packed a fully functional mobile CRM inside our intranet portal, because people want to be able to add new contacts or edit data in their CRM right on the spot,' added Valyanov. He continued: 'Most businesses suffer from 'app fatigue'. People may be using Dropbox for file sharing, Google Calendars for shared calendars, WhatsApp for group messages, Outlook for contact management and RememberTheMilk as their to-do list. Not only do these apps not 'talk' to each other, some iOS apps aren't available for Android and vice versa. The Bitrix24 intranet portal is essentially a one stop solution with all communication and collaboration tools that typical business uses equally efficiently inside the office and out. It's your office outside your office.' The Bitrix24 mobile intranet portal is available as a freemium cloud service ($99 and $199 monthly plans allow unlimited users) or as server hosted software (starting at $2,299 for a lifetime license). Bitrix24 is currently the fourth most popular mobile intranet solution, only behind billion dollar companies like Yammer, Salesforce and Citrix, according to GooglePlay statistics, claimed Bitrix.


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