Globo launches GO!AppZone for developers


New tool for developers with hybrid technology to support cross-platform mobile app development

Globo, provider of enterprise mobility management and telecom software, has announced the launch of GO!AppZone, a family of cloud services that supports simplified building, testing and deployment of mobile apps.

Adding to its mobile application platform in the enterprise market, GO!Enterprise, Globo is targeting developers that want to rapidly build and deploy cross-platform mobile apps with GO!AppZone.

The offering consists of: GO!AppZone Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) for rapid visual development of cross-platform mobile apps. These apps can be further customised using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript; GO!AppZone ShowTime, a mobile client for testing apps on a device before deployment; GO!AppZone Build, a cloud compiler that produces standalone or managed mobile apps, ready for deployment on all the major mobile device platforms; and GO!AppZone Run, a mobile backend service that simplifies connectivity with third party systems, supports customisable push notifications and enables management of deployed mobile apps.

IDC analysts predict that the mobile application development market will continue to grow significantly, stating that over the next four years the mobile application development platform (MADP) market is expected to grow substantially, to reach $4.8 billion.

Costis Papadimitrakopoulos, CEO at Globo commented: 'Our official entry into the MADP market commenced with the release of GO!Enterprise at the end of 2012. Since then we have built a significant understanding of the momentum of this market and we have invested significantly in creating a platform which will be open and easy to use by any developer for all kinds of apps, enterprise or consumer.

'GO!AppZone offers everything that a developer wants; simplicity, robustness, security, and most of all a programming interface (HTML5, JavaScript) that numerous developers already use,' added Papadimitrakopoulos.


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