Good Tech develops mobile API set for enterprise


Launches new framework for the development of mobile apps that span entire business workflows

Good Technology, provider of secure mobility, has announced the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework, an open mobile API set for the enterprise mobile user experience.

This framework enables the development of streamlined, intuitive apps that span entire business workflows. With the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework, developers have more tools to code and re-use code, to help them deliver the right workflow, in the right order, on iOS and Android mobile devices, all at scale.

Good Technology claimed that Good Dynamics is the only secure mobility platform for development of container-based apps that allow secure data and document sharing, and sharing of features, between apps and containers. Now users can initiate entire business workflows, from within one app, using available features from another app, such as printing, note creation, emailing, instant messaging, file and web sharing capabilities.

For developers, using the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework significantly speeds the creation of feature-rich enterprise apps, Good Technology stated. Developers can easily embed shared app capabilities directly into their apps, providing a better user experience and increasing in-app time, all while ensuring security. Developers can also increase adoption of their apps by using the Framework to publish unique services, such as connectors to popular CRMs, for other apps to rely upon. 'Mobile devices are not just another type of endpoint. Mobility is changing our expectations and our behaviour. The Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework redefines the mobile experience empowering users with faster, more intuitive workflows than those on a PC,' said Christy Wyatt, CEO of Good Technology. 'By allowing developers to leverage an open framework to share their app's services, everyone benefits. Developers will set the stage for the next decade and deliver innovation of which the market is ready to take advantage.'

In addition to the Shared Services Framework, Good announced the first fifteen partners who have built on the platform, including Accellion, Acronis, HP Autonomy, Breezy, Byte Squared, Branchfire, Colligo, DocuSign, EMC, Good.iWare,, ISEC7, MSI Communications, Shafer Systems and Thursby. 'The Shared Services Framework is a great addition to an already strong platform', said Jared Hansen, CEO at Breezy. 'Printing is a core requirement for many productivity apps and we are now able to deliver a seamless, in-app print button for any Good Dynamics-secured app, whether a commercial or custom developed one. The ability to publish services for inter-app connectivity is crucial to streamlining mobile workflows, and we're excited to be among the first to adopt it.' Today, users are required to manually navigate between mobile apps to complete basic business tasks, such as editing and printing a document. In order to ensure security, most solutions build a sandbox around each app to prevent data from leaking out. Unfortunately, this isolates the app and limits app-to-app workflows, essentially forcing the choice between security and user experience.

For users, workflows are now simplified, making it easy to attach a file or links to files from SharePoint, save files, edit and email, or send via instant message, all without having to launch a separate VPN app or provide network credentials to login and access the files shares.


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