Google Wallet available on Gingerbread


Finally available for the Android fans

Google has announced that Google Wallet is now available on the majority of devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above, as well as a select number of near field communications (NFC) devices.

While the app was announced as a NFC app, it will rely on whatever each users' device has available as to how it will function.

However, the app will provide users with a loyalty cards locker and the ability to send money between email addresses that have been linked to bank accounts no matter how limited a device's functionality.

With the new version of Google Wallet, loyalty programmes and credit cards can be added to Google Wallet via the Android app and websites. Consumers can also scan physical cards to add them to Google Wallet and use its 'Search for Merchant' feature to easily discover available cards and programmes from their favourite brands.

Google Wallet's integration with other Google channels – Google+, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Offers, Google Ads and more – offers broad distribution for brands to promote digital wallet programmes reaching the vast majority of smartphone owners worldwide.


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