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Tapit teams with HTC to use NFC for gamification at HTC One X event

Global NFC company, Tapit has announced it is partnering with HTC to showcase the NFC (near field communication) feature of the recently launched HTC One X handset. Tapit used NFC as a gamification-style tactic to drive participation at an event held last night in Sydney, Australia, for the first time, with the objective of showcasing the handset camera and sound capabilities.

Over 1000 people attended the event, all with unique wristbands. Attendees were given a personalised wristband with their name encoded into the Tapit system, then were ‘tapped' after viewing HTC demos. The more times they were ‘tapped' the more points they earned to win prizes.

Andrew Davis, Tapit Agency Director said: “This is definitely a first for Australia and possibly globally. NFC has surpassed QR and RFID as a means of event interaction. It's really innovative of HTC and a fantastic use of Tapit's technology. We are hoping through our gamification of the event that attendees will find out more about the HTC One X than they otherwise would have.”

Tapit believes that the ease of using NFC will ensure wide mass market adoption. Consumer behaviour will change in that people will expect to be able to use their phones to collect content and information by simply tapping enabled objects.


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