Improved navigation for Telmap


Telmap, mobile location-based services firm, has announced the introduction of a new, fresh navigation experience on its Mobile Location Companion.

The new navigation experience uses the latest developments and trends and navigation-related best practices, as well as today’s devices strong graphical and computing power. Its new navigation experience includes advanced orientation, safety, efficiency and fun features for a better user experience.

Highlights include: Traffic flow for better routing calculations and improved estimated time of arrival; Speed limits and current speed indications as well as customised alerts for going over the limit; Smoother and easier panning, zooming and rotating of maps during navigation; 3D POIs for better orientation; Shortcuts to home and work addresses for efficient commuting; Clearer graphic illustration of next manoeuvre and turns as well as improved lane detection; Richer graphics and maps with more objects and layers such as rivers, lakes, parks, industrial areas, and more combined with cool animations.

'The new navigation experience significantly enhances the user experience we can deliver. This is part of our constant efforts to enhance the Location Companion’s capabilities both in terms of ultra-local services and content layers that answer user’s needs while on-the-go, but also in terms of graphical representation of the user’s environment. We strive to take full advantage of the graphical and computing power of today’s devices, and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation around the on-the-go experience (navigation included) in order to provide a superb experience to our users,' said Oren Nissim, Telmap chief executive officer.

The new navigation experience will be deployed gradually with all of Telmap’s customers in the near future.


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