InMobi launches mobile native ads platform


Platform enables mobile publishers to effortlessly create and serve native ads, increasing user engagement

 InMobi, an independent mobile advertising network, has announced the launch of its Native Ads platform that allows app developers and mobile publishers to deliver an engaging, in-context, native ad experience to their end users, with minimal development effort.

Native ads are mobile ad units that are adapted to an app's look and feel, providing a seamless experience to users and resulting in better monetisation for publishers.   Mobile advertisers can now present their brands to users in a new, non-disruptive manner that is much more effective than traditional ad formats. The InMobi Native Ads platform simplifies the process of delivering native ads across multiple, discrete publishers by adapting a base set of creative assets like the logo, tagline, and call-to-action, all in real time. It also customises ads to suit minute details like visual representation, interaction elements and social sharing options. The InMobi Native Ads platform is built atop the InMobi ad network. Publishers can therefore instantly access a wide range of global ad campaigns from thousands of advertisers on the InMobi ad network, across apps, brands and commerce advertisers, thereby increasing monetisation potential.  'Our mission is to consistently innovate and deliver engaging and non-intrusive ads to end users that do not compromise the app's user experience,' said Pankaj Bengani, vice president for global strategic partnerships, InMobi. 'This new platform helps us deliver unparalleled value to app publishers through our relationships with top brands. Additionally, with over 700 million monthly active users on our network and our big data technology capabilities, we can deliver rich native-user experiences that drive greater engagement and revenues for our partners.'


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