InMobi unveils smart mobile video ads platform


Creates immersive consumer experience with five-times higher engagement

InMobi, an independent mobile advertising network, has unveiled multiple advanced video ad formats designed to create an interactive and immersive ad experience for consumers.

InMobi video ad formats are not retrofitted traditional videos meant to run on non-interactive, one-way devices such as the television. Instead, InMobi is creating a new tool for brands and developers to increase consumer engagement by up to fivefold compared with other formats and media, by meshing together the mobile's ability to play video along with its interactivity, proximity to the user, ability to identify the current context to name a few.

Top app developers across categories like gaming, music, media and entertainment, who are participating in an InMobi pilot programme regarding video app promotion campaigns have seen an increase of up to 200% in app install rates.

Furthermore, given that InMobi video ad views are not incentivised, users that download an app after seeing the video ad were found to be more engaged, generated more revenue and constituted higher value for developers over their lifetime.

'It is great to see this type of innovation in mobile, furthering the rich consumer engagement that brands can use,' said Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association. 'While it might be a smaller screen, mobile invites and involves consumers to live within the brand story and provides the ultimate stage for storytelling by bringing marketers closer to their consumers than ever before.'

In addition to the classic video formats like pre-roll video ads, videostitials or full-screen video interstitial ads and click-to-video banner ads, brands can now use multiple advanced video formats from InMobi, including: Interactive Canvas; Video SmartAds; Video Continuum Identify; and Form Capture.

Commented Piyush Shah, vice president, products, InMobi: 'At InMobi, we strive to deliver great consumer experiences. We have in excess of one billion video ad impressions demonstrating the scale and reach of our offering. Our video offerings span multiple video ad formats, award-winning creatives and deep analytics, all using our big data capabilities targeted at delivering a theatre-like experience to consumers.'


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