iPad and iPhone secure for BYOD


Ultra Electronics AEP Networks, provider of security systems, has announced Ultra Protect 7.4, a new solution that enables organisations to provide its employees with secure access to work related applications on the move, even if their device is used predominately for personal use.

Supporting the Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac OSX, the solution is easy for organisations to roll out to employees and is compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop Servers as well as thin clients from HP and Wyse. Support for Android and Windows devices will follow in the near future.

The solution comes at a time where the current market trend points towards employees increasingly choosing to use their personal mobile or tablet devices for work activity. One of the principle concerns for employers is of data leakage and the protection of sensitive information, especially for regulatory compliance like HIPAA and PCI. Ultra Protect 7.4 helps to safeguard data by not allowing information to be stored or saved on the device, claimed the company.

'The trend towards BYOD is accelerating,' said Mark Darvill, chief technology officer at AEP Networks. 'Whilst offering massive benefits for employers and employees it can be a substantial headache for the IT department which is justifiably concerned about the security and cost implications of supporting devices not under its direct control. This solution is designed to mitigate these risks by completely eliminating any data footprint left on the device and securing the connection between device and server.'

The solution is available to download via the Apple App Store.


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