Kandy Platform brings human element to IoT


New alliance enables mobile network operators to deliver secure IoT connectivity and RTC capabilities to vertical markets

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona: Genband, a provider of real time communications solutions, has announced that it has enhanced its Kandy to platform to deliver the ‘human element’ to Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity via contextual real time communications solutions (RTC).

Kandy is Genband’s disruptive cloud communications platform that easily adds messaging, voice, video, presence, and collaboration capabilities directly into mobile and web applications. The Kandy platform bolts onto a service provider’s network to bring together RTC with IoT.

Messaging and IoT applications, chat bots and developers can also connect to Kandy via its advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide innovative user interactions for multiple industry verticals and consumer apps, using bot automation for routine tasks and seamlessly escalating to human conversations for more complex activities.

“Without the human element in IoT you are left with just Big Data and ‘Things’ and that is why the intersection of IoT and human interaction so critical,” said Paul Pluschkell, CEO and founder of Kandy. “Adding context to the data from multiple connected end-points or ‘Things’ gives businesses the ability to respond in real time in the most relevant manner according to the circumstances and dynamics of the situation being addressed.”

Pluschkell added: “Enhancing secure vertical market applications with a human element requires the digital cognitive RTC capabilities that a solution like Kandy offers to ensure exchanges are promptly delivered, understood, and/or correctly and efficiently acted upon.”

Kandy recently teamed up with JpU, transformer of mobile networks into IoT networks, for a combined offering that delivers secure IoT and RTC capabilities to vertical markets. The combined offering improves IoT network security, reduces costs and enhances device and machine control, while facilitating market-leading real time communications capabilities between IoT devices and applications.

Said Jonathan Schwartz, CEO at JpU: “We are delighted to join forces with the Kandy team to deliver the latest in IoT security, connectivity and device management along with real time communications capabilities to the marketplace. Together we are allowing service providers to tap into new revenue streams, while cutting costs and rapidly introducing new revenue streams.”


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