Magic Spectrum joins GSM and LTE


ZTE releases Magic Radio Spectrum GSM and LTE dual-mode technology to improve efficiency by up to 50%

 ZTE Corporation, a global provider of telco equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, has released its proprietary Magic Radio Spectrum Solution that allows GSM and LTE to run together in the same band.  This innovative technology achieves deployment of GSM and LTE within a single band, which significantly enhances spectrum utilisation and improves efficiency by up to 50%.  The ZTE Magic Radio Spectrum Solution achieves GSM and LTE dual mode in the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands through the utilisation of existing GSM macro sites. Because of this, in-use GSM voice services are not affected while high rate data services are still available. The solution accelerates commercial LTE deployments and lowers construction, operations and management costs. The ZTE Magic Radio Spectrum Solution contains two sub-solutions: the G/L spectrum overlay solution; and G/L collaborated spectrum scheduling solution. The former allows GSM and LTE to occupy some identical frequencies simultaneously. This maximises GSM and LTE capacity. The latter dynamically schedules the amount of spectrum resource used by GSM and LTE. When these two sub-solutions are deployed simultaneously, spectrum efficiency can be improved significantly. 'We see the Magic Spectrum Solution as a key technology in GSM and LTE co-spectrum scenarios and are confident it will facilitate widespread network deployments and reduce front-end investment,' said ZTE vice president, Zhao Xianming.


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