Majority of mobile users reject 4G


Confusion over data use and absence of unlimited packages is hindering adoption of 4G

As more operators prepare to launch 4G services, research suggests that the majority of mobile phone users would not consider opting for 4G.

The absence of 4G contracts with unlimited data was the main reason consumers would not consider upgrading, according to research from research published today by, an advice service for mobile phone users.

Altogether, 86% of mobile phone users stated they would not opt for 4G, and 87% said that they either feel that 'unlimited' is better value (47%) or don't know how much data they would need (40%).

This comes following Ofcom's recent report which suggested that almost three quarters (70%) of consumers do not intend to upgrade to 4G mobile broadband when their current contract expires.

The survey also revealed that 66% of 3G users go over their data allowance no more than once a year compared to only 38% of 4G users, highlighting the increased uncertainty over data usage and volume by those on more advanced service contracts. In total, 59% of 4G users have gone over at least once since the launch of 4G in September last year.

David Abrahamovitch, founder of, said: 'With more 4G offerings scheduled to be rolled out in the coming weeks, these findings suggest that there is still a lot of education to be done with consumers so that they understand and feel confident to invest in superfast mobile broadband services.

'The exciting new possibilities that come with 4G are undeniable but if consumers are unhappy with the packages on offer to them, or don't feel that they meet their individual needs, it is unlikely that they will go through to purchase. Ultimately, it's up to vendors to make these clear and give their customers the confidence to move to 4G tariffs.'

Although data is now the biggest revenue driver for operators globally, it appears that little is being done to educate consumers on their usage habits as a whole. Although 45% of mobile phone users use internet-enabled services on their phones each day, 43% do not know how much data they use each month.

The survey also showed that 29% of users said the main reason for choosing their current price plan was because it was the cheapest available on the mobile phone they wanted to buy.


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