Mavenir launches mobile cloud messaging


Mavenir Systems, provider of mobile convergence solutions, has today announced the launch of a new mobile cloud messaging (MCM) solution for mobile and converged operators, which enables operators to respond to the threat posed by over-the-top (OTT) applications on messaging revenues by reducing the time to market with their own branded rich messaging service.

This core network product is bundled with a user-centric client for multiple smart phone ecosystems that can be branded and localised. In a recent study done by MobileSquared for Mavenir, 80% of the carriers surveyed agree that OTT messaging apps are a threat to SMS messaging, a market which is expected to see eight trillion messages sent this year.

The MCM solution utilises the mobile operators’ key network assets and customer relationships by providing a seamless user experience based on a single phone number and inter-working between MCM based service and the global SMS network. It can add value to operator service bundles, increase data penetration, target mobile advertisements and up-sell value added services, such as cloud storage and business packages.

Also by using the product mobile and converged operators will now be able to offer reliable and rich chat, multimedia sharing, group conversation, and network storage functionality across smart phones, tablets and web devices.

'We are responding to our customer’s needs to deliver innovative messaging services, which can preserve and grow messaging revenues,' said Pardeep Kohli, president and chief executive officer, Mavenir Systems. 'Due to the rapid change in consumer behaviour, we’re trying to help operators combat the OTT creep head on. Our MCM solution is a risk-free investment that allows operators to launch today and migrate to Rich Communication Services when ready as part of an overall network transformation strategy.'


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