Mobile AuthApp security suite launched


Cryptomathic, an independent e-security solutions provider, has launched a range of two-factor authentication (2FA) smartphone applications to meet the requirements of its global clients for a user friendly and cost effective online security solution.

The suite delivers Cryptomathic’s financial security expertise within a convenient and easy to use mobile application, which enables users to securely authenticate themselves and undertake online transactions without the need to carry a dedicated authentication token.

Cryptomathic developed the Mobile AuthApp suite to meet advancing security requirements for accessing sensitive information online. With the ability to generate one time passwords (OTPs) on a wide range of devices including Blackberry, Apple iOS and Google Android, the solution delivers a mechanism to protect organisations from malicious data breaches using an everyday tool which is familiar and convenient to the end user.

Aligning with open standards such as the Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH) as well as banking industry standards, including MasterCard Chip Authentication Protocol and VISA Dynamic Passcode Authentication, ensures the suite can easily be integrated into existing security systems and that the solution is fully interoperable with the global payment network.

Peter Landrock, executive chairman and founder at Cryptomathic, commented: 'While many banks are deploying 2FA for their online banking systems, these require end users to carry around a separate token. By implementing an application that can be used via smartphones, Cryptomathic is delivering a more convenient solution that removes the need for an additional token. This ensures the system is easy to deploy and highly cost effective compared with legacy tokens.'

To securely log into a web application, an end user is advised by their service provider, for example a bank, to download and install the application onto their smart phone via the provider’s website or through an application store. Therefore, the high cost to organisations of distributing new hardware tokens or replacing existing ones is eliminated.

'Cost and user adoption are critical for the deployment of large-scale authentication projects,' Landrock continued. 'Cryptomathic’s new Mobile AuthApp meets these requirements and also provides added value to our many customers who already use our SMS solutions for secure online access.'


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