Mobile operators and Microsoft preferred for IoT


HP, IBM and Oracle in second tier

According to the latest enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) survey research from Strategy Analytics, patterns are emerging in vendor selection, as enterprises navigate the complex landscape for IoT deployments.

Strategy Analytics has published a series of country and vertical market reports illustrating that despite the nascent nature of the global IoT market, patterns in vendor selection for IoT solutions are emerging.

Mobile operators and Microsoft are the most popular vendor choices as enterprises consider vendor engagement on IoT deployments. With the top five list of vendors comprising traditional enterprise software suppliers, companies are looking to exploit and leverage existing relationships, said the research firm.

Variations occur at the country level, with SAP ranked number two in Germany, Cisco ranked higher in the US than other markets and Oracle ranked higher in France than other country markets.

In addition to the vendors mentioned above, others captured in the survey include Google, Telit, Samsung, Aeris, Kore, PTC, Amazon, EMC, Blackberry and Ericsson.

Andrew Brown, executive director, said that, “The fact that no single vendor dominates enterprise consideration for IoT projects is a clear illustration of the complexity in deploying IoT. With mobile operators and Microsoft forming the top tier of consideration, these vendors are proving they have captured enterprise mindshare for IoT deployments.”

David Kerr, senior vice president, said: “With mobile operators coming out on top, the importance of wireless connectivity and expertise in this domain is flagged as a key component in the deployment and management of IoT.”


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