MPayMe and First Data team for mobile payment


Pair to offer mobile payment solutions using MPayMe's ZNAP mobile app

MPayMe, a Hong Kong-based mobile payment specialist, and First Data, a provider of electronic commerce and payment processing, have announced a strategic alliance to offer mobile payment solutions in key markets in Asia Pacific.

MPayMe and First Data will work exclusively together in Asia Pacific, and First Data will be the sole distributor and reseller of MPayMe's ZNAP solution across the region.

ZNAP is a mobile business and payment solution that uses QR codes to offer a secure, flexible, convenient and consistent experience across commerce channels, including bill payment, mobile, online, printed advertising and in-store.

This alliance will allow consumers to pay bills and buy goods without having to go to a kiosk or convenience store, or logon through a time consuming online verification process. Consumers can make payments through a combination of credit, debit and prepaid, coupons and loyalty instruments, all through one integrated application.

ZNAP provides merchants a set of applications that provide deeper customer insight, lower cost of marketing, and increased relevance to support new merchant revenue without adding significant costs or additional infrastructure. In order to use ZNAP, users do not have to upgrade their phones and merchants don't have to fund new terminals or deploy cards.

'The combination of First Data's transaction processing solutions with MPayMe's mobile business platform will position our combined offering as a convenient and seamless way to make payments for consumers and merchants in the Asia Pacific region,' said Marc Mathenz, senior vice president and head of Asia Pacific at First Data.

Using the growing demand for mobile business and mobile payment services in the region, through this relationship, First Data will utilise its sales force to bring this value-added solution as an enhanced market capability to its customers.

ZNAP is rolling out pilots across various regions beginning of July 2013 in UK, US, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, and will be widely available across the world by the beginning of 2014.


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