Mystery European telco uses Edgeware for OTT sport


Using Edgeware’s tech to deliver live sports more effectively

Edgeware has received a first-time order from one of Europe´s largest telecoms operators, although the telco itself remains a secret. The customer will be using Edgeware’s systems to scale its over the top (OTT) TV service to deliver popular live sports content over its in-house content delivery network (CDN).

The unknown telco will deploy Edgeware’s high performance software and the 4020 TV Servers in several of its most densely populated areas, and also engage Edgeware’s support services to ensure the best user experience during popular sports events.

“We expect to see more and more premium TV and sports content being delivered by OTT services,” said Johan Bolin, VP of products at Edgeware. “That puts higher demands and expectations on the delivery network, with an increasing need for scale and quality. These are developments that we have anticipated and will be beneficial to our future. This new order is representative of that shift in Edgeware’s market.”



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