Netswipe Mobile increases Android app conversion


Jumio Releases Netswipe Mobile for Android, which increases Android app conversion by 20%

Jumio, an online verification and mobile payments platform company, today announced the release of Netswipe Mobile for Android. Netswipe turns a customer's smartphone camera into a real time, secure credit card reader, allowing businesses to more easily and quickly accept mobile payments by eliminating the need for consumers to type in their credit card number.

By adding Jumio's payment functionality to their app's checkout process, companies can see a lift in conversions up to 20%, Jumio claimed, due to the speed and convenience Netswipe brings to users, reducing fraud and eliminating errors in key entry. 'Merchants devote so much money and resources to get consumers to the point of check out on mobile sites and apps, and can't afford to see them abandon their shopping cart,' said Daniel Mattes, CEO and founder of Jumio. 'Now, Netswipe can be integrated into any Android app to increase conversions by shortening mobile checkout times as well as making payments more secure and convenient for users.'  With the Netswipe technology, consumers can shorten checkout time to five seconds to scan a card, compared with nearly a minute when they have to manually enter their credit card number. Merchants typically see only one half of all mobile transactions completed at checkout through traditional methods, but Jumio's card scanning option provides quick and streamlined mobile experiences, dramatically increasing the ratio to completion.  Also available on iOS, Jumio's card scanning technology provides greater fraud protection and takes less than 30 minutes to implement into any Android app. Integration is free and can be customised to fit the design of the app. Netswipe can be used with Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and Discover cards.


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