Nokia, Ericsson and Intel agree on IoT


Working together on next generation wireless connectivity for Internet of Things market 

Nokia, Ericsson and Intel have announced their support for Narrow-Band LTE (NB-LTE) technology as the ideal wireless connectivity solution for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market segment.

NB-LTE is an optimised variant of the widely deployed 4G LTE technology that is well suited for the IoT market segment because of its low implementation cost, ease of use and power efficiency. Nokia plans to work closely with Ericsson and Intel to develop and bring to market the products needed for the commercialisation of NB-LTE timed with market demand.

Intel intends to support commercial roll out of the technology with a roadmap for NB-LTE chipsets and product upgrades beginning in 2016 that will enable slim form factors. The products will add to Intel’s growing LTE portfolio. Nokia and Ericsson will provide the required network upgrades to support an extension of existing LTE networks with NB-LTE optimised for low power machine to machine (M2M) communication.

Said Stephan Litjens, vice president, portfolio strategy and analytics, Nokia Networks: “We believe in building an ecosystem around NB-LTE to speed up the takeup of the IoT. This development will bring consumers benefits such as enhanced and improved connectivity of devices, and at lower cost. This is another extension of Nokia’s aim to improve people’s lives through a programmable world where billions of people, things, sensors and devices are connected.”

While Thomas Norén, vice president and head of product management, business unit radio, Ericsson, stated: “Cellular networks already cover 90% of the world’s population so it makes sense to leverage this global footprint to support and drive IoT adoption through the standardisation of Narrow-Band LTE. Working with Intel and Nokia, Ericsson is driving the ecosystem to accelerate IoT growth and ensuring a global foundation for a vast range of new IoT applications for consumers, industry and government.”

Concluding, Stefan Wolff, vice president, platform engineering group and general manager of the multi-comms business unit, Intel, said: “We are excited to collaborate with two leading network vendors Ericsson and Nokia on the next wave of wireless innovation to connect the growing IoT market segment, and to further grow the momentum for Intel’s LTE portfolio and roadmap with NB-LTE.”



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