Nokia gets set for 5G


Services will enable operators to capitalise on opportunities within the new network technology

Nokia is to launch a set of services that will enable operators to leverage the benefits of 5G technology in order to realise their individual business goals in the most effective way. Nokia 5G Acceleration Services will help operators develop a plan for their business, network and operational transformation to prepare them for the 5G programmable world.

The advent of 5G will provide operators with opportunities to serve a diverse range of vertical industries and enterprises as they enable applications such as smart cities, automated driving, remote healthcare and full automation of homes and businesses. Using technologies available today such as mobile edge computing, cloud and software defined networking, 5G will deliver the ultra-reliable, low latency networks needed to address a myriad of business possibilities.

Nokia 5G Acceleration Services will assist operators in translating their 5G vision into a tailored transformation plan. Nokia will collaborate with operators to prepare and design the unique evolution of multi-vendor networks, providing a comprehensive technology and business analysis of an operator’s current situation as well as guidance on the steps they should take to transform their operations. By defining the pace of investment and introduction of new technologies operators will be able to capitalise on the opportunities and deliver at the optimal time.

Andy Hicks, research director, IDC’s EMEA telecommunications group, said: “5G isn’t just ‘4G 2.0.’ For one thing, this time the use cases are developing ahead of the technical standard. That’s healthy for the industry, but will also require networks to support myriad performance profiles fairly rapidly. Operators thus have to make sure that their 5G evolution plans incorporate both upgrades to their networks and advancements in their operational capabilities. If they can start to monetise new use cases while still migrating toward 5G, so much the better.”

Igor Leprince, head of global services at Nokia, added: “Operators can already begin to plan their path to 5G, building the foundation of the programmable world with cloud-based technologies. Working in a consultative mode Nokia 5G Acceleration Services can minimise the complexity of this transformation, creating a plan that will allow operators to migrate optimally to 5G to capitalise on new business opportunities. We are already working with our customers on 5G co-development agreements, and by leveraging our transformation services and Bell Labs Consulting expertise we can help operators build a solid business case for their 5G transformation.”


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