Non-developers get AR app skill


Release of new content management tools from metaio allows non-developers to create augmented reality apps

On the back of the metaio Mobile Software Development Kit, augmented reality (AR) solution provider, metio has announced it has expanded its suite of software to include AR content-authoring technology that will be accessible to users that do not have app development knowledge.

metaio has introduced software that will enable non-developers to create and deploy AR experiences with no coding necessary. The metaio Creator provides a desktop, drag and drop interface, making AR production both efficient and open to a much wider audience.

The metaio Creator is the next step in AR content production, and was specifically designed for non-developers, designers and people who have the desire to create amazing AR experience, but wish to do so without using a hard-coding environment.

The metaio Creator is compatible with junaio, the mobile AR browser, and can be used to quickly deploy custom, cloud-based AR content to Android and iOS devices. Developers and creator users alike will benefit from an upcoming junaio update that will allow for HTML and JavaScript interactions and dramatically increase the possibilities for mobile experiences. Future versions of the metaio Creator will allow for the deployment of content to all of metaio's software, from the popular metaio Mobile SDK all the way to offline experiences using the metaio PC SDK.

'Augmented reality production used to be restricted to developers and programmers,' said metaio CEO and co-founder, Thomas Alt. 'The metaio Creator will change that by enabling even beginners to effortlessly create and launch AR experiences.'

Since its release in December of 2011, the free metaio Mobile SDK has been a success. With over 10,000 downloads, the metaio Mobile SDK has more than 1,000 active developers with almost 200 applications deployed, and 900 currently in development.

'The response from the developer community was phenomenal,' said metaio's CTO Peter Meier. 'It however inspired us to offer software that would put this technology in the hands of designers, content providers, publishers, and the average users who might not have extensive programming knowledge.'

In addition to massive developer adoption, publishers all over the world used metaio's mobile software to augment editorial and advertising content in their publications and journals. With over 10 million augmented publications powered by metaio circulated every month, it was clear that publishers needed an efficient tool for enhancing their printed content.


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